Rainy Day Rabbits

Quality Harlequins and Mini Satins

Quality Harlequins and Mini Satins

We have what you're looking for at Rainy Day Rabbits

We strive to offer top quality show and breeding stock in two different breeds of rabbits.  We have harlequins, the court jester, and now the mini satins, affectionately referred to as mini satans.  (Ours are quite sweet though.)

 If you're looking to add to your herd please let us know and we'll do our best to match you with the right rabbits.  We sell juniors and seniors, but have a limited availability at any given time, as we are a very small rabbitry.  All our stock comes from show lines with many registered and grand champion rabbits on their pedigrees.

Harlequins are a very gentle breed.  They range in size from 6 1/2 pounds to 9 1/2 pounds full grown.  They are a marked breed. They are not very common, but I don't know why, as they are a joy to raise.  We also strive for good body type, not just markings, color, and clarity, for the total package.  Ours commonly make five pounds by eight weeks old, and 8 pounds by 14-16 weeks old, so may be used for meat rabbits too.  We have both the magpie and the japanese varieties. 

We have recently added the copper mini satins.  We cull heavily for temperament to insure you will be happy with your shiny little guys.  We are having a lot of fun with the little cuties.

 We are located in Missoula Montana and we go to many shows in Montana and Idaho.  We are members of the Western Montana Rabbit and Cavy Fanciers and the Northerquins Harlequin Specialty Club.

Please email Nickie Raines at nickie.raines@yahoo.com or call  (406)214-0904 for more info.